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You can stay safe during Lightning Storms with the right precautions

When there is a raging Lightning Storm outside all that you need to ensure is that you go ahead and use the best of safety measures to ensure that you and your family are secure. The moment you take the right precautions for yourself, you are in a position to guarantee that the Lightning Storms are not in a position to harm you and you have adequate protection around you.

Storms create tremendous wind which, whilst good for wind farms can cause damage to houses and cars. In fact www.privatefleet.com.au found that they had a real boost in business after the 2011 QLD storms.

There are several spots and places in Australia that experience lightning storms that are really severe and can cause a whole lot of harm. There are some seasons particularly Spring and Summer when Lightning Storms occur more often than in other seasons. If you are outdoors during Lightning Storms and haven’t used enough protection for yourself, then there is a likelihood of you being struck by lightning and it might even result in death.

Lightning Storms can travel up to ten miles within no time from where they actually originated from. This means that you will be able to do to ensure that you are adequately protected and secure is to be inside a strong and sturdy structure such as a building, a large hard rock or behind a huge boulder. You need to take protection and stand in the shadow of something that is sturdy and will not allow the Lightning to pass through.

The places that you need to stay away from are stream beds, trees and be mounted on animals. Therefore, if you are on a horseback and riding then this is a good enough thing to dismount and take shelter underneath a tree. Do not go on high mountains or hills during Lightning Storms.

Lightning Storms can harm animals and kill them instantly. Therefore, it is a good idea to go on and install Lightning rods at specific sites on the barn. Lightning Storms are difficult and then you will find that you can take precautions and ensure that you are safe.

The first thing that you should keep in mind for Lightning Storms is to ensure that you are somewhere underneath adequate cover. This could be a building or a vehicle. In case you find that you need to be in a vehicle then ensure that your feet touch the ground. Wait for the Lightning Storms to recede completely before you start moving once again.